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Hello sweet friends!

Things are happening. BIG things. Very soon i’ll tell you more.

This week you’ll hear my new persian song, but also something else… it’s a SURPRISE!

Talk more tomorrow….






Here is my duet with my dear friend Armin Eslamifar from the Googoosh Academy 2011.

We met there on the backyard while we were waiting for our turn to go in and sing for the jury.

While we were waiting he played on his guitar and we sang together.

I could directly feel the musical chemistry and how we could understand each others energy while we were singing!

Later i was very glad that also Armin was one of the 10th contestants in the Googoosh Academy.

He was and is one the smartest, good heart, and musical person in that show.

During the competition we released some live covers, he on the guitar and me singing.

– I will put them on my site later 🙂

And today you can hear us both singing the “longing” duet!

I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you, and lots of love!



Chaharshanbe soori in GOTHENBURG! (fire-party)

Oh i had so much fun yesterday in Gothenburg!

So much people, so much joy and so damn cold!

Yes, this is Sweden, we have to accept the coldness wether-wize but the heat in our veins especially in all of you guys who where standing there so many hours and celebrating that special day.. it unifies us and make us come closer, to our culture, and to our selves, to our people!


I was enjoying a lot to stand on that stage and many thanks to Riksteatern and to my great musicians  that were freezing to death while we were waiting to come up on stage, and for there effort and for being such a good and supporting band!

I LOVED to work with you yesterday guys!

And also i am so thankful for having my dear mother and my stepfather for always standing behind me!


Here is some picture from yesterday!


Drum: Farrokh Hedayati

Guitar: Johan Carlberg

Keyboard/ Effects: Jakob Blomquist

Base: Joel Hammad


Nowrooz – My new new years song for you!

Hello again!


I have been working a lot in the studio and working with different musicians and rehearsing for my gigs!

And the 8th of March- in Sweden Woman’s day, i released my new song – NOWROOZ!

This song is for all of you guys and girls who celebrates Nowrooz / Eyd!

And for you others, just listen and if you like – D A N C E !!! 



Original lyrics for ASBE SEFID

A lot of my persian friends wants to have the lyrics for ASBE SEFID, But before i write that out, i promised the Poet Mohsen Amiri that i will write his originalversion of the ASBE SEFID. Here is it

اسب سفید وحشی کو؟

اتل متل توتوله

راه خونه چه دوره

چه راه تند وتیزی

چه جاده های لیزی

برف نگو هوار هوار

سرما نگو دیار دیار

ابرا سیاه و دل پُر

کوهها بلند و شُر شُر

آبی آسمون کو؟ خورشید قصه مون کو؟

دیو سیاه بد دل، اسب سفید مون کو؟

اسب سفید وحشی کو؟

شراب و شور و مستی کو؟

تنها تو جاده ها شدیم

اسیر قصه ها شدیم

آی جاده جاده جاده

رویا هامون چه سرده

قصه شدیم ، رویا شدیم

تو دست دیو تنها شدیم

جاده ای هست تا خونه امون؟

خونه ای هست تو قصه امون؟

دیو نبود تو دنیامون

گریه نبود تو چشمامون

جاده اومد تو راهمون

کوه نشست میو نمون

اتل متل توتوله

این شهر یا یه سوله؟

هستی کجاست؟ تو قصه هاست

دیو کجاست؟ تو کو چه هاست

ديو سياه بد دهن

 دادي به خوردمون لجن

بوسه گرم هستي كو ؟

شراب و شور و مستي كو ؟

نه ايووني نه قُل قولي

نه باغچه هاي پر گُلي

نيست بابايي داد بزنه

سيلي با فرياد بزنه

گل هاي آسمونمون

پوچ شدند تو مشتامون

تو دالوناي آسمون

بود كسي چشم براهمون ؟

اسب سفيد وحشي كو ؟

مسيحِ بي پَلشتي كو ؟

اسب سفيد زارمون

بمون به انتظارمون

از آينه هاي آسمون

خبر آوردن واسمون

نشستند و هوار زدند

اسبه را هي مهار زدند

اتل متل توتوله

اسبه شده ديوونه

گريه داره تو چشماش

بو خون مي ده نفس هاش

تنش شده كبود كبود

چاقو بيارين زود زود

سرشو گذاشتند لب حوض

دنيا را كردند پر بغض

باكره را شووَر دادند

فرشته ها رو پر دادند

اتل متل توتوله

نه راه داريم نه خونه

كو رويايي كو قصه اي

كو راز و رمز بسته اي

نه چاهي موند تو دنيامون

نه قُله اي تو رويامون

تموم شد هر چي بود و بود

به يادمون هيچي نموند

پشت ديوار شبمون

ميون خواب و تبمون

شيون اسب مستي كو ؟

شعله گرم هستي كو ؟

هستي حالا قصه شده

قصه ها پر غصه شده

غصه ها ساغر ندارند

قصه ها آخر ندارند

قصه ما سر نرسيد

هستي ما به سر رسيد.

محسن امیری