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My new release ” BANG BANG”

My new song “Bang Bang” has the releasedate on the radios the 1th of December 2017

It’s about making love, making peace instead of starting wars.
We should Stop the punishment. Stop with coldness. Stop the hatred. Stop with the ?BANG BANG?
We should LOVE and emrace and “give understanding!” We should communicate and instead of throw badness over each other, just meet the fear and go through it to come to a solution.

I belive in LOVE.

Stop with the BANG BANG.

The song is produced by Christian Rabb and me 🙂 It´s written by us two and also Christopher Wortley, “my” fisherman!
(Actually my real fisher man is my fiancé:) I have worked with Christian Rabb many years now, him and Frida molander and me was a team from the beginning, and we still are, but the team is very dynamic. We have a producers crew wich we call “The Beatless”. In that crew also Joakim Molitor is involved as a producer somethimes. But as i said the team is dynamic. The head people is Me and mr. Rabb.
The thing is i will invite Christopher Wortley in that team also, cause he really deserved to be there! He is one of the funniest persons i’ve met! Funny and humble and very easy to work with! We have written so many songs and one of our releases was “Fisher man” in the lituanian’s pre-selection for Eurovision with the band “Queens of roses”, and many many more songs. also a song that is gonna come out that a BIG Corean artist is singing! it’s a secret yet!!! So don’t say anything! 😉
I found him at DWB’s place in a camp in Amsterdam, that is publishers from England, where i also met my a’n’r Greig Watts and the other of the 2 of 3 members owning that company, Pete Barringer!
There are many Gold members in their stab. So one of the ones who also shine the most is my lovely “wify” Georgie Dennis. We have written “Deja Vu” together and many more that are gonna be released soon.
And to not forget another great dyamond that im working with, it´s Andrfeas Hagos that is the producer of “Deja Vu”, and many many more songs to come!!!

Listen to “BANG BANG”


Mahan MoinMahan Bang Bang album cover


Melodifestivalen 2014- Deltävling 1- MALMÖ

You know! I am so thankful for coming so far! My dream to stand on that stage came true.

I am happy that my song ALEO now is born and that we all can see it and hear it grow.

The meaning of ALEO is: Force, us, one, together, love, power. It means that we people, together, as unique as we are are much stronger when we are ONE. That we can make a much bigger change, when we are one. When we are ALEO.


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Especial thanks to all the people supporting me to this level of my life!

And all the people in my crew:

Anderz Wrethov- Producer, songwriter who made the song Aleo with me.

Robert Skowronski- A’n’R Warner Music Sweden

Helene Wigren- Promotion/ PR & Beyond

Maria Olanders & Clara Pawlo- Managment/ Unlimited Management

Margaretha Julle- Costume

Elizabeth Sinnermark –  Hair- Corinne & Friends

Elizabeth- Hair/ Salong Elizabeth

Thomas Benstem- Choreographer / 4 elements

Revin Baban – Digital supporter/Warner Music Sweden

• Dansare: Lisa Arnold, Kevin Foo, Kenny Lantz, Carin Mårtensson, Patrik Riber

• kör utanför scen: Matilda Lindell,  Simon Lingmerth

Maria Marcus – Producer / she STHLM

Jana Julian- Photographer & Director / She STHLM


And offcourse my family and Love .