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P4 Nästa- final

Yes I did my best today. Not only me, but also the great team of mine! With the song Bia Beraghsim:
Christian Rabb, Felicia Ekstrand, Erica Helenius and Daniella Kierdorf.

So happy for our stage work!

Yeah everyone was great there today. But the people and I think the jury thought we were the best! But it’s not always about being the best. Sometimes the best is not the best for the matter!

I just can say that I am very very happy after all!

My other song DÈJÀ Vu got placed in another radio station. It also went in to a Spotify list of 35.000 followers!!

And we did our best today!!

I know that my team are happy after all, but I know that they know that they deserved to win.

When I win, it’s not only me. It’s my whole team!

There is lots of work and time and struggle behind every “little work I do.

So even if it’s a small thing. It’s lots of hours and sweat and tears behind my work.

Thank you P4 for choosing my song Bia Beraghsim for this event. And thank you radios all over the world playing my songs!!

You are great!

Now I am in Berlin waiting for my private Chaffeur to drive me to the ESKA AWARDS to perform with (waiting of the confirmation) the platinum sold song Spirit that I wrote together with Dj Gromee and Oscar Merner.

Also Gromee is nominated for the best dj of the year 2016 in Poland!

Off course he is!! He is great! Listen to his music!

And don’t forget to listen to my new song DÈJÀ Vu:

Lots of love my loves!

/ Mahan Moin

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