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Next stop: Budapest

I’m sitting and waiting to get in the flight plane… Some how I am a little bit nervous.
I am always very nervous before I go on stage. This stage is even smaller and very cozy, it’s just gonna be an amount of 50 in the audience and it makes it more intimate.
The last years I have been so far away from the audience and been on TV stage and bigger stages where the closest person in the audience is 50m from me… So I really look forward to this one:)
This is what staging is all about, sing for those who wanna listen, so close so they can feel your heartbeat, so they almost can touch you and you look each of them in the eye and every word you sing is for every one and each of them.
Yes. That’s why this one makes me hear my own heartbeats.
And if I said that I just like it that would be a lie… I LOVE IT!

See you there folks!!
Lots of love!
/ Mahan.


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