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Marbella Luxury Weekend

Mahan moin - Luxury Weekend

I had such a great time on Marbella Luxury Weekend.
The best thing was when me and my sister sang together on that runway that was floating on water! We made a duet of my song with Gromee – Runaway!

She also sang with me on my song Bia Beraghsim:

 We had nice dresses on us! Rebekah Amosah was the designer for our clothes but also others!

Thanks to that invited me to this nice show and did great arrangements! 

The media asked me: what is Luxury for you?

And I answered: Luxury is when you can be surrounded by the people that you love; your family and friends and are healthy and having fun. And when you can choose how you want to live your life, when you can be free to do what ever you want to do! – That’s Luxury for me!

Choose love. Choose life. 

#musicbymahan / Mahan Moin 

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