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Today i release my new song MADAR

It´s a fantatsic feeling to after 4 years of struggle and hard work releasing this song MADAR. it means MOTHER and it´s dedicated firstly to my mother but also to all the mothers and “Famothers” in the world who has loved their children, supported them and helped them to choose the right path.
My moter got this song as a gift 2016 on her 50s birthday, and today on her birthday Madar is released.
She is also in the video together with me 🙂

a BIG thanks to my dear friend Armin Eslamifar that showed me this song 2015 in Helsingborg, but mostley for his passion and coaching and also final his editing on the video.

Also to my friend Sara Poul for making the red dress only a few days before the filming.
And Kamyab Mehripour who also wrote the song “Salam”, lovely words.
Last but very important my dear friend and co-producer Ulf Engström for having me in the studio in and out in 4 years!!
always a pleasure to cooperate together!

Hope you like the song!

Blog Music

My new release ” BANG BANG”

My new song “Bang Bang” has the releasedate on the radios the 1th of December 2017

It’s about making love, making peace instead of starting wars.
We should Stop the punishment. Stop with coldness. Stop the hatred. Stop with the ?BANG BANG?
We should LOVE and emrace and “give understanding!” We should communicate and instead of throw badness over each other, just meet the fear and go through it to come to a solution.

I belive in LOVE.

Stop with the BANG BANG.

The song is produced by Christian Rabb and me 🙂 It´s written by us two and also Christopher Wortley, “my” fisherman!
(Actually my real fisher man is my fiancé:) I have worked with Christian Rabb many years now, him and Frida molander and me was a team from the beginning, and we still are, but the team is very dynamic. We have a producers crew wich we call “The Beatless”. In that crew also Joakim Molitor is involved as a producer somethimes. But as i said the team is dynamic. The head people is Me and mr. Rabb.
The thing is i will invite Christopher Wortley in that team also, cause he really deserved to be there! He is one of the funniest persons i’ve met! Funny and humble and very easy to work with! We have written so many songs and one of our releases was “Fisher man” in the lituanian’s pre-selection for Eurovision with the band “Queens of roses”, and many many more songs. also a song that is gonna come out that a BIG Corean artist is singing! it’s a secret yet!!! So don’t say anything! 😉
I found him at DWB’s place in a camp in Amsterdam, that is publishers from England, where i also met my a’n’r Greig Watts and the other of the 2 of 3 members owning that company, Pete Barringer!
There are many Gold members in their stab. So one of the ones who also shine the most is my lovely “wify” Georgie Dennis. We have written “Deja Vu” together and many more that are gonna be released soon.
And to not forget another great dyamond that im working with, it´s Andrfeas Hagos that is the producer of “Deja Vu”, and many many more songs to come!!!

Listen to “BANG BANG”


Mahan MoinMahan Bang Bang album cover


“Days by Mahan” – Vlog

Today I released my first Vlog ever!

It’s called: Days by Mahan!

In the Vlog you can follow me behind the scene, on stage, in the studio and at home!

I will share secrets and thoughts with you!

It’s called Days By Mahan – follow this link: 
Lots of love lovers!

Follow me on my Vlog
/ Mahan


Radio Zet – Kołobrzeg

Oh wow! What a show we had westerly me and Gromee and the rest of the team! 

We performed with the song SPIRIT that still is a winner song!

Listen to it here:

We also met the big star Måns Zelmerlöw 🙂

Måns is so humble person! He made a with my bonus daughter Nellie!  

A with Måns Zelmerlöw & Nellie! 🙂

The swedes are taking over Poland 😉 

We are travelling back from the great Poland to Berlin and than to France! 

See you on my Vlog!

Lots of love so far!

/ Mahan Moin 


Marbella Luxury Weekend

Mahan moin - Luxury Weekend

I had such a great time on Marbella Luxury Weekend.
The best thing was when me and my sister sang together on that runway that was floating on water! We made a duet of my song with Gromee – Runaway!

She also sang with me on my song Bia Beraghsim:

 We had nice dresses on us! Rebekah Amosah was the designer for our clothes but also others!

Thanks to that invited me to this nice show and did great arrangements! 

The media asked me: what is Luxury for you?

And I answered: Luxury is when you can be surrounded by the people that you love; your family and friends and are healthy and having fun. And when you can choose how you want to live your life, when you can be free to do what ever you want to do! – That’s Luxury for me!

Choose love. Choose life. 

#musicbymahan / Mahan Moin 


Radio Eska Awards

Yeah, today me and Gromee will have our show on Eska Awards!
He is going to do an opening with a Ed Sheeran song and than we will perform with the song SPIRIT! 

When I wrote the lyrics to that song I had “my love” in my mind. Who at that time came in to my life and made it sparkle with his love!

“You’re the lighthouse in my ocean, but so far from me” at that time we had a long term relationship and we were so far away from each other and it hurt so much.  

“We are the spirit of our love, spirit of our love… ” 

Gromee made his magic on the production and my colluege Oscar Merner made the last touch on the melody.

It’s so nice and fun to work in a strong team. It’s together we are powerful. It’s “one plus one plus x” we will rule. 

And after that you make more hits. 

Like our song Runaway that we wrote together with Andreas Hagos.
A great team member that also produced and co-wrote my other song DÈJÀ Vu together with me and Georgie Dennis.
Also greatful for the publishers of mine DWB Music

Yeah. I work with great people. 

Today my “partner in crime” aka “my love” is my closest business partner. We are developing lots of businesses together! #christimah #musicbymahan 

Lots of love /Mahan. 


P4 Nästa- final

Yes I did my best today. Not only me, but also the great team of mine! With the song Bia Beraghsim:
Christian Rabb, Felicia Ekstrand, Erica Helenius and Daniella Kierdorf.

So happy for our stage work!

Yeah everyone was great there today. But the people and I think the jury thought we were the best! But it’s not always about being the best. Sometimes the best is not the best for the matter!

I just can say that I am very very happy after all!

My other song DÈJÀ Vu got placed in another radio station. It also went in to a Spotify list of 35.000 followers!!

And we did our best today!!

I know that my team are happy after all, but I know that they know that they deserved to win.

When I win, it’s not only me. It’s my whole team!

There is lots of work and time and struggle behind every “little work I do.

So even if it’s a small thing. It’s lots of hours and sweat and tears behind my work.

Thank you P4 for choosing my song Bia Beraghsim for this event. And thank you radios all over the world playing my songs!!

You are great!

Now I am in Berlin waiting for my private Chaffeur to drive me to the ESKA AWARDS to perform with (waiting of the confirmation) the platinum sold song Spirit that I wrote together with Dj Gromee and Oscar Merner.

Also Gromee is nominated for the best dj of the year 2016 in Poland!

Off course he is!! He is great! Listen to his music!

And don’t forget to listen to my new song DÈJÀ Vu:

Lots of love my loves!

/ Mahan Moin

Blog Music

Bia Beraghsim – New song 27th of May

Listen to my second released song in may 2017!

Bia Beraghsim- means “Let’s dance” in Persian language.

The meaning of the song is: Don’t loose yourself in negativity, and trust yourself, and love yourself and just be happy and dance!

Don’t let your ego control you!


written by:

Mahan Moin, Frida Molander, Christian Rabb & Joakim Molitor

Picture& Cover: Jana Julian